New Music Video! FOG

Yes yes y’all! Biggidy big ups to our man with the lens, Mr Jack Smith for splicing this feast of a vid. All footage is taken from our Euro tour of yesteryear, The Piratical Sabbatical I. What a gay ol’ time we had. More of that to come this spring when we re-visit Belgium, Netherlands and plunder Germany!

Anyways, enough talk, hit that play button!

Happy 2014 from the ‘Mirth

Absolute pandemonium at the Canalhouse in Nottingham last night. We had soooooo much fun, cheers to all that came for our best New Years show yet!

Here’s to another year of buckling swash by the gallon, more bangin’ festivals, a European tour and a new album!

…and to obviously purchase this fabulous light fixture.

squid light

Thanking you London! And new TUNES

Thanking you London! And new TUNES

Yes, what a splendidly awesome time we had in the smoke on the last gig. Remembered there’s more to London than getting hanged for us piratical types. Very enjoyable show for us, plus we got to play alongside wonderful bands like Tantz, Gentle Mystics, King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band and our Notts homeboiz Manieres Des Bohemiens! We also had a hoot in Leicester the night beforehand. Up next, we’re road testing our brand new tunes, by the ridiculous titles of “It’s Raining, Men!”, “Brandy Wine” and “Bamboozled By Booze”. Said shantics (shanty antics) shall occur at The Sun On The Hill in Birmingham this Sunday 8th December. Tis free as a fishie and we’re on at 9:45! Sea you there.

Back on land soon… and NEW ALBUM!

Back on land soon... and NEW ALBUM!

That’s right me bilge suckin’ boatswains! Both of those captions be accurate. We’re playing a rather big show in that there London place, Sat 23rd Nov, with some ball-breakingly brilliant acts such as Tantz, Gentle Mystics and our homeboiz, Maniere Des Bohemiens. Get yerself a ticket or two. S’gonna reek of good times!
There will be a “warm-up gig” the night before in Leicester, at the aptly-titled venue Pirates Bar…

These will be our first proper gigs in months as we have been spending time splicing together some beastly tuneskis for the second album, nearly half written, and a small slice of it recorded. Sounding meatier and boatier than the previous outing already, thanks to our George-Martin-of-the-Mirth, Mr. Phil Booth! So aye, expect some tasty new shiz next time you see us…


Back out to sea we go!

SO… as the air on the waves starts to make our respective hairy nipples stand on end and shit…

We thank ye all for an IMMENSE summer of pasty-smashing shows!

A barrel of rum-soaked love to all fans old an’ new, big ups to the festies, Boomtown FairThe Secret Garden PartyThe Beat-Herder Festival,Bearded Theory FestivalAlchemy festivalJust So FestivalRock Oyster FestivalMischief FestivalCabourne Parva Folk & Blues Festival, Worcester Music Festival, 3 Wishes Festival and Brixham Pirate Festival for having us, and those that put us on at killer gigs in London, Bristol, Plymouth and our home shores – NOTTINGHAM!

We’ve already started work on album #2 – expect it late next year but we’ll be back on dry land in late November with a rumbunctuous display of new choons. Til then landlubberinos!!

USA!! USA!!!

USA!! USA!!!

So we’ve been featured in the New York based music mag RELIX this month, with the song ‘Fog’ on the CD for it. Wahey! It’s the 250th issue, and you’ll see us lumped among other exciting newcomers The Flaming Lips and The Grateful Dead… Let’s krak open a bottle o’ kraken, happy Sunday me ode hornswagglers!

Also a big AHOY!! to all new fans across the old pond. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the ‘Mirth… You’ll never leave. MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!



That’s right!! we’ve just returned from tearing Beat Herder in Lancashire a new one, along with a few smaller ones in the West Country and Lincolnshire, and we’ve still got many merry times ahead of us such as Secret Garden Party, Boomtown Fair and Mischief Festival among many other shows! keep checking our Gigs Of Mirth to keep yerself updated… Next shows are in the local hood mind, check this show at the Maze in Notts, this is going to be a little bit messy one feels…

Finally recovered from tour. Phew!

We’ve slumbered for over 20 days, and only now are we finally able to open our eyes and reflect on the insanity of the Mirths first travels into Europe.


Thanks to everyone who partied, quaffed, sheltered and carried us along the way!! Tour video will be on it’s way to help remind us what in godsnames happened… something involving a wheel of cheese?



That’s right! We’re sailing off to the Nether regions in less than a week.. Getting all souped up and finely trimmed for the occasion and ready to cue those classic before & after shots. Anchor up mateys!!


And what a year that was! Topped off by an almighty mental shin-gig at the Waterfront Festival in Shottingham, we are choughed to deepest oceans with what we hath accomplished, mainly our album and the buzz it’s been generating like a sea-imported disease so far. Big tankards in the air to all that have helped steer our vessel towards where we are now and bring on the many, many adventures already planned for twenty thirteen. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!



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