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  1. You guys are brilliant! Gutted we missed your derby gig! We just got back from singing at shambala &it was all chaos still. We’re a 3part harmony group who write our own songs – some sad, some very silly. I think we shud do a gig together for much silliness! Have a listen to us on our website & see wot you think! Red ruff. Listen to Baba Lula & kittens for most silliness…altho sail on is praps more relevant to you. We’re based in belper. Infact we’re singing at wirkswoth star disc tonight supporting please y’self skiffle band who are great fun. I know its short notice but we have our own sea captain who might be coming!. 6 ish til 9 I think -the brewery will be there too which is a bonus! X

  2. Bloody pirates!! Bought a copy of your CD at the Glossop gig. The disk is not finalized and I am unable to play it.
    PS good gig though!

  3. Hi Guys, caught you at Brixham (twice) really enjoyed your set. As I said to you near the crab stall, ‘a breath of fresh air’. Got an embryo idea of a pirate party for my girlfriend Jayne in late October. How much do you charge? Venue would be Biggin Hill Kent or nearby!

  4. Hi!
    Was wondering if you are booked for NYE? We are a bar based in St.Albans and are obviously wanting to do a pirate theme and you seem the perfect band!!! Are you available and how much do you charge?


  5. hi pirates
    we spoke briefly at cfab festival at cabourne parva. my name is Garry and i am a full time volunteer for my charity, Lincs2nepal.we recently lost our shop/vegan cafe and are having to be a bit more imaginative with our fundraising. i look after and provide scholarships for some of the worlds poorest kids who live on rubbish dumps and squatter camps, having you crazy pirates in Lincoln would be amazing, i would love to put on a pirate halloween nite with you guys headlining anytime oct/ nov, please let me know if i have any chance. cheers guys, love and peace

    umps and squatter camps. having you crazy pirates in Lincoln would be an amazing niight and we are

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