Third Album is being recorded. Photographic proof of us in the studio pretending we still like each other. Also there are some GIGS of which information will be obtainable in the “Gigs Of Mirth” section of this website. Funny that.studio1


New Years Eve and more…

Busy business in the Mirth camp. Writing music, making plans, preparing items, only one show announced at the moment, New Years Eve, The Maze, Nottingham, get your tickets HERE

Fingle now has a mowhawk, apparently. Hilariousnew_years_eve-5427973075


It’s August, it’s bloody cold and wet. Best sign off now for the summer. We had a blast partying with you all!

It’s been a more limited affair this summer on stage as we try and hack away at the saline sasquatch that is the “difficult third album”. It’s definitely going to be different, we want to make it quite special and so patience will be a well awarded virtue.

Two more gigs this year then.

SAT 29 SEP – GRAVITY FIELDS FESTIVAL, Grantham, Lincolnshire


Sea you there.


Thanks Europe! Theurope.

Yes I know we came back weeks ago… it’s tooken us THAT long to get a grip on life since. Everyone was amazing to us, and this includes our own shores too, and that includes the Welsh! After all, we are all part of Europe, right? Still? Who knows.

Anyway, here is JUST THREE pictures to soak in, there are more on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages. Stay out of Twitter, it’s just one massive argument all the time. Life is too short for that.

We have a new bass man. Trout Tickler Todd. Also seen in Alright The Captain. He’s boss.

We have some summer shows… not loads but just some. get your rectums to one of those! See Gigs Of Mirth. All for now. Kisses and fishes xx

PS “tooken” is an Oxford-validated word.


We’re back. And fierce. And raging like a big balled bull. Come get a bite out of our mirthy biscuit on home shores and the continent next few months.

See Gigs of Mirth page for tix..

2018 tour poster


Sorry for not being very updatey of late.

But what we would like to say is a fair winds to Jeremiah Planks on Fire. It’s been a fast and bulbous 5 years in the Mirth. Thanks for all the giggles and extreme bass faces and the best of luck in future endeavours to that man.


Happy New Year

Seas-on’s Greetings. We hope you all have been sloshing it up and that these last twelve months have been a strong and stable year for all…
Now let us drink, to a two thousand and eighteen! We’re going to sign off the year with this little ditty, our brand new winter warmer vid if you’ll join us…

New animated video!

The Salt Man comes to life!!

Massive thanks to Henry Edmonds Animation for the supreme salty skills.

Don’t forget to like and share the video! Enjoy!


Germany this weekend. 🇩🇪
Should be alright.
Sat 21st – KARLSRUHE
Sun 22nd – FREIBURG
Mon 23rd – MANNHEIM
📷 : Mace Maclean Photographyhustle1


Well that’s our summer over. That went too damn quickly. Massive bows and thunderfists to all that have showed their support this summer in any way!

As well as hammering shows all round the UK from Penzance to Dundee, this summer has also been extra special due to the Seas of Giving Birth! Congrats to Shitluck & Mindy, and to Mr & Mrs Glen Fingle for their respective sons of Mirth. Sure we’ll get them trained up on their scales and arpeggios in no time.

Sea you in October for the final shows of the year! Mirth out xxbeach1