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Gigs are back!

WordPress is very limiting atm but can we place on record how great it is to be gigging again and finally give Sub Marine Dreams the live euphoria it deserves. Do follow us on FB and instagram for updates and adventures!

Another new video!

DEEP DEEP HEAT – made by Jordan Copeland at TEN ENT NET. Dive in…

Tour postponed :[ but NEW VIDEO :]

By no measure of surprise whatsoever, our upcoming tour dates will not happen this spring, BUT we are in talks for rescheduling at least ninety percent of it, so keep your eyes to the ground and your ears peeled. Instead, WOULD YOU ADAM AND BELIEVE IT we’re dropping a new video for ‘Ink [Do The Blollop]’ which features our newest tentacular member. This was going to be promo for our tour but we feel like we’ve got to give something in its absence. Enjoy, click like/love and share the squid ink far and wide across the world!

New Year. New Album. OUT NOW

Greetings t’y’all.

Get in! Thanks to a sterling contribution from our fans, we managed to scrounge enough coffers together to release our new underwater album before Christmas, on vinyl, CD and digital. Sub Marine Dreams came out on the 20th of December and we did our launch gig in Notts the day after. But this year is all about the flaunting of said record, live wise and press wise too. People seem to be loving the change in direction. One five-star review is here thanks to the amazing folks at Spiral Earth!

Shows are shaping up for spring onwards. Stay tuned. We have a cheeky show in Stoke this Friday though.  Do attend if you are in the area. But please, do check our album out, give it the time it deserves, it may not have the same face-value effect as previous outings, but it’s an adventure that we’d been planning for years and we’re chuffed to bits at its birth into the world. Also some of the proceeds on physical merchandise of the record go towards sea based charities. See our bandcamp page for more info.

4000 x 4000 pxl

Kickstarter smashed! Album launch!

Oi oi…

First we wanna say thanks a MILLION to our amazing fans for helping us fund the pressing and videos for our record. We raised over TWO GRAND in THREE WEEKS. That, is astonishing. For the legendary backers, EIGHTY THREE OF YOU, we’ll get in touch asap once your rewards are ready.

Now that means we can have the album pressed to vinyl and CD. So we’ll be flogging these at THIS! It’s our album launch, and Xmas bash, all in one night. That’s right it’s the Saturday before Christmas, so merriment and mirth are hot on the agenda. We have some badass support from Afromanding [west African grooves] and Andy Lingard [violinist/saxophonist/loopstation extraordinaire] Tickets are only a FIVER, as we want a big party and we don’t want anyone to miss out. If your mate’s skint, buy them a ticket for Xmas. Get them HERE

Info on the release to follow shortly. xx


KICKSTARTER! Pre-order the new album

Morning. Sorry for lack of updates on this… but.. our album is finished and the Kickstarter crowdfunder is live until 16th November! Click HERE to delve in!

The time is now to pre-order the new record! Digital, vinyl or CD are available. T shirts too. Also tickets to gigs! And a music lesson! And a portrait of yourself! AND a boat trip! AND AN UNPLUGGED GIG AT YOUR SHINDIG!

We are over the halfway mark but mountains have yet to be climbed still. Please help the Mirth reach our 2k target! AFANKYOOZ XX



Third Album is being recorded. Photographic proof of us in the studio pretending we still like each other. Also there are some GIGS of which information will be obtainable in the “Gigs Of Mirth” section of this website. Funny that.studio1

New Years Eve and more…

Busy business in the Mirth camp. Writing music, making plans, preparing items, only one show announced at the moment, New Years Eve, The Maze, Nottingham, get your tickets HERE

Fingle now has a mowhawk, apparently. Hilariousnew_years_eve-5427973075


It’s August, it’s bloody cold and wet. Best sign off now for the summer. We had a blast partying with you all!

It’s been a more limited affair this summer on stage as we try and hack away at the saline sasquatch that is the “difficult third album”. It’s definitely going to be different, we want to make it quite special and so patience will be a well awarded virtue.

Two more gigs this year then.

SAT 29 SEP – GRAVITY FIELDS FESTIVAL, Grantham, Lincolnshire


Sea you there.


Thanks Europe! Theurope.

Yes I know we came back weeks ago… it’s tooken us THAT long to get a grip on life since. Everyone was amazing to us, and this includes our own shores too, and that includes the Welsh! After all, we are all part of Europe, right? Still? Who knows.

Anyway, here is JUST THREE pictures to soak in, there are more on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages. Stay out of Twitter, it’s just one massive argument all the time. Life is too short for that.

We have a new bass man. Trout Tickler Todd. Also seen in Alright The Captain. He’s boss.

We have some summer shows… not loads but just some. get your rectums to one of those! See Gigs Of Mirth. All for now. Kisses and fishes xx

PS “tooken” is an Oxford-validated word.