Blubber blubber blubber!

Yes it’s been an emotional one again, now as the chills of the brutal winter creep through the planks we reflect on our far flung forays- we’ve thoroughly enjoyed many festies this summer including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Beat Herder, Funny As Folk, Big Noise, Off The Tracks, and a recent one day tour of Devon where we righteously pilfered the county of all its Buckfast supply. 

Be sure to catch us sea dogs at Alchemy festival – we be commandeering the main stage at 5pm with a few cheeky tricks up our sleeves! Not only that, we’ll be joined by Hallouminati, Grace & The Magic Roots, Geofest crew, Earth Bound Misfits, Will Tun & the Wasters, Crinkle Cuts and many more acts of stupendous splendour!


Sorry for the lack of posts here, we’ve obviously been having far too much fun.

>)))))Dmirth boomtown14

About seasofmirthband

Nautical party prog from the land-locked shires

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