Happy new YEAR

A much-belated and extremely groggy-sounding HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our mirthful comradery. Tankards firmly in the air to anyone in the last year that came to a show or bought our new album or did anything to cheer on the good ship…

There is wonderful joyous news that the much-beloved couple Piss-in-the-wind-Mindy & Shitluck (aka Grace & Loz) are expecting a wee lil’ piratino this year! That’s right, already on it with “Seas of Mirth: Generation 2”. Although with a tear of joy comes a tear of sadness as this means Mindy can no longer take on Mirth duties. Accordions don’t mix that well with pregnant bellies y’know… neither does drinking grog all night/loud music/long voyages in a stinkin’ vehicle. So let’s raise our vessels once again to one of our dearest family members and to exciting new chapters and adventures! You will be horrendously missed. Shitluck will still be bowing his strings from the deep for now… (mainly because we’ve chained him).

So after a sportingly celebracious nautical knees-up show in Glastonbury Town on NYE, we’re going to lock ourselves away for a few months to spawn some new ridiculous material (of the musical kind, that is). Expect some new videos in that time though as we do endeavour to keep our faithful sufficiently entertained…

Sea you soon
Mirth crew

About seasofmirthband

Nautical party prog from the land-locked shires

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