Thanks Europe! Theurope.

Yes I know we came back weeks ago… it’s tooken us THAT long to get a grip on life since. Everyone was amazing to us, and this includes our own shores too, and that includes the Welsh! After all, we are all part of Europe, right? Still? Who knows.

Anyway, here is JUST THREE pictures to soak in, there are more on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages. Stay out of Twitter, it’s just one massive argument all the time. Life is too short for that.

We have a new bass man. Trout Tickler Todd. Also seen in Alright The Captain. He’s boss.

We have some summer shows… not loads but just some. get your rectums to one of those! See Gigs Of Mirth. All for now. Kisses and fishes xx

PS “tooken” is an Oxford-validated word.

About seasofmirthband

Nautical party prog from the land-locked shires

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